OLDWholesale Account Application

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Before submitting your Wholesale Account Application, please read the Wholesale Terms & Conditions by clicking the gray button below – submission of this form confirms you have read and understand the wholesale terms & conditions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy

  • Reseller may not list or sell Homebiotic products for less than USD $29.99 without written permission from Homebiotic for special short-term sale events. This policy is to protect the profits and marketability of all Homebiotic sellers. Homebiotic.com may occasionally offer short-term sale or promotional pricing for special events.

Selling on Third Party Marketplaces

  • If any Reseller intends to sell on a Third-Party Marketplace, this must be agreed upon in writing prior to listing. Homebiotic products may not be sold on Amazon.com, however other marketplaces, including international Amazon marketplaces, are acceptable (subject to availability) with prior agreement.


  • This Reseller agreement permits the Reseller to sell Homebiotic products directly to end users. A Distribution application is available if any Reseller wishes to supply other Resellers.

Product Samples

  • Free product samples are not available; however, the product price for any retail (up to 3 bottles) order purchased for the purpose of sampling can be credited toward Reseller’s subsequent wholesale order (min 1 full case).

Claims and Guarantees

  • No written claims or guarantees may be made about the performance or efficacy of Homebiotic products that are not explicitly written on Homebiotic.com, and no performance guarantees are to be made when there are factors outside of Reseller’s control.

Refunds, Returns & Exchanges

  • As with retail orders, Homebiotic will replace any products found to be damaged upon delivery, and can accept returns for other reasons within 30 days of shipment provided the product is still in re-salable form. A minimum 20% re-stocking fee will apply to returns. No returns or refunds are possible after 30 days of shipment, or if the product is no longer in re-salable condition, to be determined on a case-by-case basis. Any returns must be approved before products are shipped back.

Payment Methods

  • Wholesale orders can be paid with ACH/Bank Transfers or PayPal. When Bank Transfer is selected, an invoice will be generated with payment instructions. Wholesale orders of Mini Cases and up to 3 Cases must be paid in full upon invoicing. Wholesale orders of 4+ Cases will require a 60% deposit, with the balance payable prior to shipment.

Shipping & Handling

  • Homebiotic products are temperature sensitive, so may be shipped in insulated cases for protection against extreme heat or cold if deemed necessary. The shipping & handling costs will include the insulated cases. For regular shipments, pre-paid shipping labels are available for the return & re-use of insulated shipping cases.

Production Lead Time

  • There may be up to 3 weeks lead time for Homebiotic production, however, every effort will be made to produce and ship wholesale orders as quickly as possible.

Order Cancellations

  • If a wholesale order is canceled after production has begun, a minimum 20% re-stocking fee will be applied to the order total.

Product Locator Directory

  • Reseller may provide a logo, website URL and physical store address for inclusion into our Product Locator directory to help local shoppers buy directly.

Reverse Engineering & Deformulation

  • Reseller agrees to not make, or be involved with, any attempt to reverse engineer or deformulate Homebiotic products for any purpose.

Legal Notice

  • If a Reseller is found to be in violation of these terms, their wholesale account privileges may be revoked.

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