Join The Homebiotic Partner Program

Do you have a following on social media, an email list, health-conscious clients, or anyone else you think would be interested in Homebiotic?

Join our partner program and earn a referral commission when someone orders Homebiotic using your link!

If you’re not familiar with how referral marketing works, think of it like a finder’s fee. For each new customer that you refer to us using your unique website link, we’ll pay you 15% of the value of their order (excluding shipping charges of course). It doesn’t cost them any extra, and order tracking & payments are entirely automatic so there’s no extra work on your part. Consider it our way of saying THANK YOU for helping us find a new customer!

Our partner program is offered through a network called Shareasale, and getting started is as easy as signing up for a free Shareasale account, and then applying to our program via the link below. If you’ve already got a Shareasale account, you can apply in seconds!

What is the referral commission per order?

Our referral commission is a flat 15% of the order price, minus shipping costs.


Yes! The Homebiotic Ambassador program is an upgraded version of our Partner program. Ambassadors receive a higher commission rate, custom coupons & deals, and co-branded promotional content. This program is by invitation only, to our top performing Partners. If you would be interested in the Ambassador program, please contact us!

Do I need to live in the USA or Canada to participate?

Referral partners may be anywhere in the world that Shareasale allows. however only ships directly to the USA & Canada, so only North American traffic please.

Can I buy Homebiotic through my own referral link?

No, any self-referral sales commissions will be voided, and may also result in termination from our partner program.

I am a wellness practitioner, can I use a referral link for my clients/patients?

Absolutely! We also have a wholesale buying program if you would like to offer Homebiotic to your clients in-person.

Can I use my referral link to sell Homebiotic via PPC ads?

Yes absolutely, provided the following terms are adhered to for any ads or content that promote Homebiotic:

  • Affiliates may not bid on the keyword Homebiotic
  • Promotional ads must not be sent unsolicited (no spamming)
  • Promotional ads may not be structured as shock, clickbait or “fake news” style content
  • No claims or guarantees may be made about the product which aren’t explicitly stated on

I have a coupon website, can I join your referral program?

Although we do recognize the benefit of appropriate discounts to incentivize customers, we rarely work with coupon sites. Homebiotic is a premium brand so we do not typically offer large discounts. Nearly all coupon aggregator website applications to our partner program are rejected for this reason.