Homebiotic Spray

Easy to apply
Colorless & Odorless
Compatible with standard healthy/green cleaning practices
Helps remove musty odors by eliminating the microbial source
4oz/120mL pump spray bottle



SPRAY WITH AUTHORITY: Homebiotic is a probiotic for your home that assists in restoring healthy bacteria, naturally helps to reduce grime and prevent the source of musty odors, aka “basement smell”. Use Homebiotic to help prevent the buildup of musty-smelling grime, slime & sludge in damp areas.

ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: We’ve designed this product to be absolutely safe for everyday use. Homebiotic contains purified water and stabilized natural probiotic bacteria from healthy soil, which are safe for humans and pets. Since Homebiotic is completely non toxic, unlike other chemical products, our home probiotic will keep you and your house safe and sound.

CLEAN EFFECTIVELY: Homebiotic is quick and simple to use- Just one quick mist in each area after your usual cleaning routine. Apply once daily for the first week to help the friendly probiotics establish, then repeat weekly! Use it on the walls around your shower, under sinks, in your basement, around doors, on baseboards, around windows, and even in your vehicle to help eliminate musty odors and grime!

SIMPLE: Homebiotic is virtually clear as water, and has no added scents or fragrances.

SAFE: Homebiotic spray is Vegan friendly, Gluten free and Cruelty free.


1 Bottle – $34.99
2 Bottles – $59.99    Savings of $9.99!
6 Bottles – $149.99   Savings of $59.95!

Each box includes
-4oz/120mL Homebiotic spray
-Quick Start instruction guide

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 in
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1 Bottle, 2 Bottles, 6 Bottles

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