Homebiotic® Nano Sponge

A Human Compatible™
Home Cleaning Product

  • Perfect for removing mold, dirt, & grime. Does not support microbial growth when dry.
  • Dual surface structure, a smooth nanocapture layer & a coarse layer, making the sponge perfect for a variety of cleaning tasks
  • A nanocapture layer, made of melamine nanofoam, for up to 5x better capture of mold, dirt, and grime than a conventional cellulose sponge
  • A coarse, abrasive layer for scrubbing even the most stubborn stains or debris
  • The Homebiotic® Nano Sponges composition and unique dual-surface structure enables the sponge to be effectively used with only water, but for best results use with Homebiotic® Surface Cleaner
  • BPA-free & contains no known endocrine disruptors

Did you know? A study done by German researchers in 2017 revealed that common kitchen sponges harbored 362 different types of bacteria – up to 45 BILLION bacteria per square centimeter. Many people utilize traditional cellulose sponges for regular cleaning duties, not knowing they are spreading bacteria and potentially harmful microbes all over their homes. Switch to a Homebiotic® Nano Sponge and stop the spread of harmful microbes.

Each box of Homebiotic® Nano Sponges are Human Compatible™ and comes with 6 sponges that will work hard to keep your home clean! Mold and mildew can easily be spread throughout the home using standard cleaning cloths and sponges, creating a larger threat to the health of your home! The nano capture technology traps bacteria within the sponge, preventing any gathered microbes from being spread around the home – this makes it a great option for cleaning grime and mold. The layered sponge offers both a coarse and textured surface, perfect for anything from kitchen counter messes to scrubbing the tub.

Although the Nano Sponge can be used in a wide variety of areas, due to the abrasiveness of the sponge, we do not recommend using it on wood, natural stone, your car, or any shiny/varnished surfaces due to the possibility of the finish being compromised.

No cleaning solution on hand? No problem. Although it is most effective when used with Homebiotic® Surface Cleaner, our Nano Sponge can be used with just water. The perfect addition to your home microbiome-friendly cleaning routine as it is BPA-free, non-toxic, and contains no known endocrine disruptors.

How to use:

Use the coarse-textured surface to easily and efficiently loosen stubborn dirt, stains, or debris.

Use the patterned nano capture surface to wipe up mold, dirt, and grime.