Homebiotic® Spray

A Human Compatible™
Home Cleaning Product

  • Eliminates musty odors, grime and black staining at the source by rebalancing the home biome
  • Each spray contains millions of probiotics making each treatment extremely effective when used appropriately
  • Provides probiotic protection to treated surfaces for up to 5 days after use – making sure your home stays clean long after the chores are complete
  • Natural ingredients: proprietary soil-based probiotics and water. That’s it!
  • Pet safe
  • Colorless
  • Chemical and fragrance free
  • Can be used almost anywhere: in homes, cars, tents, RVs, on natural wood – the treatment options are almost endless!
  • 4oz/120mL pump spray bottle

Homebiotic® spray is the perfect addition to any cleaning routine. As a naturally sourced probiotic treatment, it is extremely compatible with any eco-friendly multipurpose cleaners. Using Homebiotic® after regular cleaning keeps your home clean and healthy long after your chores are done. Each spray contains millions of soil-based probiotics that create a balanced, protective layer on any treatment area, working up to 5 days after initial treatment. 

This protection effectively eliminates the sources of musty odors and grime, keeping your family safe not only from these sources but from harsh chemical treatment alternatives and their harmful health effects. Using Homebiotic® is simple: clean with a multipurpose cleaner (non-antibacterial as this will prevent Homebiotic® from working) and follow with Homebiotic® spray, allowing it to dry naturally without wiping. Let the power of probiotics keep your home healthy & happy.

Usage Instructions

After cleaning the target area, apply a light mist of Homebiotic® at a rate of 1 spray per 2 square feet. 

Apply once daily for the first week to establish the probiotic barrier, and then repeat weekly or as needed after that. Most users apply Homebiotic® as the last stage of their normal cleaning routine.