Ann Shippy Headshot

Dr. Ann Shippy

A Board Certified Functional Medicine doctor who has been serving patients at her Austin TX clinic for over 15 years. Her medical approach uses innovative testing, research and genetic information to determine and address the root causes of health issues.

“Homebiotic is an easy way to address prevention of mold and encourage a healthy environmental microbiome to protect your family.”

A functional wellness approach to healthy homes

Years of living over-sanitized lives has mostly eliminated the friendly bacteria that used to share our homes, healthy bacteria which provided a natural protection against grime and musty odors. 

Restore your home microbiome 

Homebiotic restores these friendly soil-based bacteria to your home with an easy to use spray bottle. It’s literally a probiotic for your home that helps re-balance your home biome to prevent grime and musty odors at the source. 

A natural way to protect your home

Homebiotic is infused with healthy soil-based bacteria which re-create a naturally balanced environment in your home. When used regularly on a clean surface, Homebiotic adds a protective probiotic barrier to help keep your home cleaner at a microscopic level.

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