General Questions

What is Homebiotic?




Homebiotic is what’s called an Environmental Probiotic. Your digestive system is full of bacteria, both good and bad, and this complex ecosystem is called your microbiome. Digestive probiotics, in the form of either supplements or fermented foods, help balance out any bad bacteria in your gut with good ones that help you.

Your home has a microbiome too, and just like in your gut, it gets unbalanced with too many bad microbes. Homebiotic is a probiotic spray for your home, to put beneficial bacteria onto surfaces which overwhelm harmful microbes like mold. This helps keep your environment clean and healthy, naturally.

Does Homebiotic really work?

Yes! Homebiotic has been independently tested by an accredited microbiology laboratory to the ASTM D-3273 Protocol, a test of how well a treatment will prevent or inhibit mold growth under optimal growing conditions. After 28 days in the test chamber, the Homebiotic-treated samples had virtually no mold growth, whereas the lab-supplied control samples were completely covered. View our test results here.

What are the ingredients in Homebiotic?

Homebiotic is a specially formulated blend of naturally stabilized probiotic soil bacteria suspended in pure water. There are no added preservatives, enzymes, artificial scents or colors, and no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are used. The exact species used are a proprietary blend of soil-based bacillus species that are commonly found in both digestive probiotic supplements and traditional fermented foods, and are considered completely safe. We have isolated specific probiotic species that have documented traits of inhibiting mold growth while also being completely safe to use around humans and pets.

Where can I buy Homebiotic?

We ship across North America, but if you don’t want to wait for shipping times or live outside of North America, you can also purchase Homebiotic from several other retailers both online and offline.

Check our ever-growing list of retailers and distributors at!

Is this the same Homebiotic that Bulletproof sold?

Homebiotic is one of the Bulletproof Portfolio companies, which means we are owned in part by Bulletproof but operate independently. Bulletproof distributed the first version of Homebiotic, which was a concentrate format that had to be diluted with water. The product available now, while still called Homebiotic, is a completely re-formulated new version, which we refer to as Homebiotic Version 2, and includes many improvements over the original, including a longer shelf life and a convenient ready to use format.

Will Homebiotic get rid of existing mold in my home?

Homebiotic isn’t intended as a fungicide (a substance that specifically kills mold) or a cleaning agent, instead it naturally inhibits mold from growing. If you have an existing mold issue, it does need to be physically cleaned to remove it. Homebiotic is best applied before a mold issue occurs, or after the issue has been cleaned up and resolved. For example, if you have mold growing on a wall due to a leak or excessive humidity issue, that original cause will usually need to be resolved before Homebiotic will really make a noticeable difference. Once the moisture source has been resolved, Homebiotic can be applied and will work to help prevent future mold growth.

What is the shelf life / expiry for Homebiotic?

With proper storage, Homebiotic will last up to 12 months even after being opened. We don’t stock more Homebiotic than we can ship within 1 month, and each batch is made to order. As a general rule, each bottle will last approximately 1 year from the date of purchase. Proper storage conditions:


  • Don’t exceed 40°C / 104°F for extended periods of time
  • Don’t exceed 50°C / 122°F any time
  • Don’t allow product to freeze
  • Store out of direct sunlight

In general, store in semi-dark room temperature conditions. A typical closet or cupboard in your home is ideal.

I want to buy more than 3 bottles, do you offer bulk pricing?

Yes! We offer mini cases of 12 for a group buy or as a trial order for a retailer, as well as case quantities at considerable discounts. Visit our Wholesale page for information on setting up a wholesale account!



I have a bottle of Bulletproof Homebiotic from 2015, is it still good?


Unfortunately not, the original version of Homebiotic that Bulletproof sold was last produced in early 2016 and the last of that batch expired in December of 2016. Because Homebiotic is a living product, it does have a finite shelf life and won’t last forever. If you have purchased a bottle of Bulletproof-branded Homebiotic from a 3rd party retailer since then, be advised it is no longer viable and should not be used. It can be safely disposed of down a toilet or other drain, or the sealed bottle can be placed into the trash.

I really liked the original concentrate version of Homebiotic, can I still buy it?

Unfortunately we stopped producing the original concentrate version in 2016 and switched to a re-formulated new version based on customer feedback. We loved the original version too, but the improvements to the formula have allowed us to increase the shelf stability as well as making it clear, colorless, odorless, and ready to use.

Is it harmful if I accidentally inhale a small amount of Homebiotic while spraying?

Homebiotic is non-toxic and completely safe for normal application. All of the species used have decades of study behind them and consistently show they are harmless to humans. That being said, care should be taken to not intentionally inhale Homebiotic. No respiratory protection is required for normal applications.

Do Homebiotic bottles contain BPA?

No, our bottles do not use BPA liners. We have used PET bottles in the past and now produce in HDPE bottles, which are easily recyclable and still BPA-free.

Orders & Shipping

Where do you ship to?


Currently Homebiotic can be shipped anywhere in North America with flat rate shipping. This does include Alaska, Hawaii and APOs. Please double check your address when entering it; we try to catch any obvious errors but otherwise, we will ship your order to the address you provide. Check for a list of our retailers who may ship to locations we do not!

Do you ship to UK & Europe?


We don’t ship retail orders direct to Europe, however we have a distributor in the UK who does! Visit our Store Locator page for details.

Do you ship to Australia?

We don’t ship retail orders direct to Australia, however we have resellers in Australia who do! Visit our Store Locator page for details.


I need my order right away, can I get expedited shipping?


Unfortunately not at this time. Homebiotic orders are processed in the order in which they are received, and are usually packed within 1 business day. Once an order ships, it takes 3-5 business days to arrive, with the average transit time being closer to 3 days. Expedited shipping reduces that to 2 days but increases the costs to far beyond what we consider reasonable.

Where do you ship from?

We now ship all retail orders directly from our own facility near Seattle, WA. When your order ships, you will receive an email with tracking information so you can see the progress of your order.


I haven't received my order confirmation email, is there a problem?



For retail orders: When you place a retail order for Homebiotic, you will receive an email receipt with your order details. This indicates your order has been received and processed, and is now on the way to the warehouse for packing. If you have not received this email within 1 hour, please check your spam and trash folders. If you still can’t locate the email, please reach out to us and we will look up your order for you.

For wholesale orders: Wholesale orders are made to order and ship right from our production facility, so don’t have the same automated email process as retail orders. You will not receive the same automated email updates that retail customers are sent. You can reach out to our customer care team at any time for updates on your order.

I haven't received my order yet!

When your Homebiotic order ships out, we will send an email with tracking information so you can see where your shipment is and when it is expected to arrive. If your tracking information indicates the package was delivered but you still haven’t received it, please check with any other people in your household or office to see if someone misplaced the package.

My shipment arrived damaged!

If the shipping box is damaged, please take a picture before opening so we can file a damage claim if necessary. Then carefully open the box. If the Homebiotic bottle(s) inside are not damaged, then everything is fine. If the bottles are damaged and appear to be leaking, please take a picture of that as well and contact Customer Service by using the form at the bottom of this page.

My order was left in a hot mailbox, is it OK?

Homebiotic is quite resilient, and we tend to be conservative with our temperature numbers to always be on the safe side. There are definitely temperatures which are detrimental to Homebiotic, so care should be taken to avoid exposure to high or low temperature extremes.

You can read more about Homebiotic temperature & shipping tolerances.

Can I use 2 discount codes or offers at the same time?

Discount codes may not be combined with any other offer, and the greatest discount will override any automatic promotions including our free shipping offer. This is because some discounts may provide a greater total savings than the free shipping offer would have.

I used a discount code and my free shipping disappeared, what happened?


Our USA free shipping offer is for orders with a final total of USD $63 or higher, or USD $85 for Canadian orders. If a discount code lowers your order total to below this amount, the standard shipping rate will apply.


What if I'm not satisfied with my order?


No problem! If you’ve followed our application protocols and haven’t achieved the results you’re looking for, you can contact our customer care team to help resolve the issue. If you’re still unable to achieve the desired results, you are eligible for a refund of your full product purchase amount if it’s still within 30 days of shipping, minus any incurred shipping & handling costs.

Please visit our Product Returns & Refunds page for more information.


Are shipping costs refundable?

Our refund policy includes a full product price refund but does not include shipping costs. For flat rate shipments, the refund amount will be the full order amount minus the flat rate shipping amount. For free shipping offers, the refund amount will be the full order amount minus the actual incurred shipping cost.

We strive to keep our shipping costs as low as possible, but ultimately these costs are out of our control and are thus non-refundable.

How To Use

Do I spray Homebiotic right on mold?
  Homebiotic isn’t intended as a fungicide (a substance that specifically kills mold) or a cleaning agent, instead it naturally inhibits mold from growing. If you have an existing mold issue, it does need to be physically cleaned to remove it. Homebiotic is best applied before a mold issue occurs, or after the issue has been cleaned up and resolved. For example, if you have mold growing on a wall due to a leak or excessive humidity issue, that original cause will usually need to be resolved before Homebiotic will really make a noticeable difference. Once the moisture source has been resolved, Homebiotic can be applied and will work to help prevent future mold growth.
Do I spray Homebiotic in the air?
You can certainly do this, although the intended method is as a surface application. For best results, hold Homebiotic bottle up to 2 feet from the target area, and apply a single spray per 6 square feet. Allow the fine mist to settle on the surface, and then apply to the next target area. Repeat weekly or as needed.
How often do I spray Homebiotic?
If you are just beginning to use Homebiotic, or you have recently had a moisture issue that may lead to mold growth, you should apply Homebiotic to the target areas once daily, for up to 1 week. This is to build up the probiotic colony as quickly as possible. After 1 week you can reduce this to a weekly application for a maintenance dose, or as needed.
Do I need to spray Homebiotic on every square inch of my home?

In general it depends on where you’re most likely to encounter an issue. While there’s no harm in applying Homebiotic everywhere in your home, most people are a little more strategic about it and only apply in areas that are likely to have moisture that could result in mold growth or musty odors due to lack of airflow. Each bottle covers up to 750 square feet of application area, or roughly 1 spray per 6 square feet. Common application areas include:

  • Under a kitchen sink
  • Under a bathroom sink
  • In a shower
  • Around doors/windows
  • Basement
  • Crawlspace
  • Attic
  • Vehicle
  • Front load washing machine

Bacteria will spread to other areas of your space if they’re in high traffic areas, such as the carpet just inside your door, or in an area people frequently touch or brush against. Regular applications will help ensure a healthy balance is maintained in your space over time.

Should I turn my air purifier off when spraying Homebiotic?


If you are using an air purifier in your space, it should be switched off before applying Homebiotic and left off for at least 15 minutes, to allow the probiotics to settle on the target surfaces. If the purifier is left on, there’s a chance it would remove the probiotics before they’ve had a chance to reach the surfaces in your home. This is applicable to HEPA filters, UV sterilizers, ozonators, or any other form of air filter which can remove bacteria and small particles from the air.

Can I put Homebiotic into an aroma diffuser?

Yes! As long as the diffuser doesn’t heat the liquid, it should be fine. Homebiotic is not meant to be diluted, so be sure the liquid volume is sufficient for your diffuser unit. We use and recommend the InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. It works great with Homebiotic, does not include any ionization which may harm the Homebiotic, and is whisper quiet. Just add Homebiotic in place of water, and operate as usual.

Can I spray Homebiotic into my air conditioner?

Yes. This is one of the most common uses for Homebiotic, as air conditioning systems are very prone to mold growth. If you’ve ever smelled a musty odor coming from an air conditioner, this is due to mold growth. You can use Homebiotic with air conditioners in 2 ways. You can spray it directly onto the coils and drip pan, and you can also spray it into the ducts.

Can I spray Homebiotic on my skin?


While Homebiotic is completely non-toxic and harmless, applying to your skin isn’t recommended. We use and highly recommend Mother Dirt products for this application; specifically their AO+ Mist.



Is Homebiotic safe to spray near my pet's bed?
Yes! While you wouldn’t want to spray while your pet was in their bed, there’s no problem with spraying in the general area. In fact many of our customers intentionally spray Homebiotic on dog beds to deal with musty odors or “wet dog bed smell”.
Can I spray Homebiotic on my bed / mattress?
Yes! Many of our customers spray their sleeping area with Homebiotic. We recommend spraying several hours before you intend to sleep in the bed next, to give it a chance to dry and let the probiotics get to work.
Should I dilute Homebiotic so it goes further?
No, Homebiotic is already at the correct ratios for use and dilution would simply add excess moisture to the environment.
Does Homebiotic require refrigeration?


No, Homebiotic stable at room temperature and as long as it does not freeze or experience high temperatures (105°F or 40°C) for more than a short time, it will be stable for up to 12 months.

Business Inquiries

Can I sell Homebiotic in my store?

Absolutely! We are always eager to work with retail partners, both online and offline. Getting started is easy, view the details about setting up an account on our Wholesale page.

Interested in larger quantities? Please contact us to set up a Distributor account.

I'm a health practitioner, can I sell Homebiotic to my patients / clients?

Yes! We are always eager to work with health partners. Visit our Wholesale page to get started setting up an account.

Interested in distribution? Please contact us to set up a Distributor account.

I have an audience that would love your product, can I be a Homebiotic affiliate?

Absolutely! You can view our affiliate program details and sign up at

Can I sign up as an affiliate and then refer a store to you?

Yes! You will get 15% of their first order as a bonus. You can view our affiliate program details and sign up at


Can I buy Homebiotic and re-sell on Amazon?

At this time we have an exclusive arrangement regarding Amazon so re-selling Homebiotic on Amazon is not permitted. Any retailer found to be re-selling Homebiotic on Amazon will risk losing their wholesale account privileges.

I'm organizing a trade show / conference / event, how can I invite Homebiotic to attend?

We love going to trade shows! Please reach out to our customer care team and send us the details of the event. We’ll be in touch!

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