You can’t avoid the truth any longer.

The smell is back – and it appears to have got stronger.

The dark stain on the wall has returned – and bleach does nothing.

Mold is making you feel like you’ve got a dirty, disorganized house – even though you keep everything squeaky-clean, and you’ve applied Marie Kondo’s method to all of your belongings. There has to be a solution. Mold is stressing you out!

Do you owe it to yourself to call in a mold removal company?


There are many reasons why you may choose to call in the cavalry, and ask a mold removal company to step in and help you with mold. Often, your reasons are individual to your circumstances – there is no wrong reason to get the professionals in, if you suspect mold may be damaging your home, and potentially affecting your health.

You may feel it’s time to call in the experts when:

  • There’s a patch of mold in your home that covers more than 10 square feet: You or a local house cleaning service should be able to manage an infestation under this size, as long as you lay off the bleach, and counteract the underlying causes. 10 square foot or larger indicates a more extensive problem1, and in some cases may suggest additional mold hidden away.
  • Your mold problem isn’t in the bathroom: We’ve explained previously how mold is easier to deal with in the bathroom – you can expect mold to appear there, as it maintains the kind of humidity that allows the organism to thrive. Bathroom mold is usually easier to deal with because of the wipe-clean, non-porous surfaces2. But it may be trickier to remove mold from porous surfaces elsewhere in the home, so contacting a mold removal company is a good call.
  • The mold infestation is somewhere inaccessible: Your mold issue may be in your crawlspace, inside the internal walls of your house (mold loves drywall), or in a hard-to-reach spot in your attic. Employing specialists to get to these difficult nooks and crannies makes sense3!
  • You can’t manage the cleaning process yourself due to illness, or mobility issues: Even if the mold is in an accessible area of your house, you may find it impossible to deal with owing to health, age, or mobility. Getting a professional in is the best decision.
  • Your household includes one or more children, or an individual with a compromised immune system: As mold exposure may be a health risk to those with undeveloped or compromised immune systems, or autoimmune diseases, for peace of mind it’s worthwhile employing an expert to remove the mold.
  • You’re simply too busy – long working hours or bringing up a family don’t always grant you time to tackle a big project like this. Hiring a company that provides mold removal services frees up your time for the more important things in life.

Once you make the decision to hire a mold removal company, shop around. While an argument can definitely be made for affordability, thoroughness is just as important. If possible, get several quotes, and check out online reviews.


Professional mold removal isn’t as simple as the company seeing the mold, cleaning it up, and then issuing you with the bill – it’s a serious process that identifies the mold and underlying risk factors, deals with these issues, and takes steps to ensure the mold doesn’t spread to other areas of your home4. How long it takes depends on the issue at hand, but typically small mold remedial projects may take 2-3 days.

The process for mold removal can be loosely divided into 5 stages:

  • Evaluation – The professional assesses the extent of the mold, inspecting what kind of mold issue you’re dealing with. In a situation where you can smell mold, but not see it, a mold inspection company may take air samples – but this isn’t necessary in all cases. If an obvious cause of mold is found, such as a leaky pipe, steps are taken to neutralize it.
  • Sectioning off – Once the problem area or areas are identified, the mold removal company concentrates on containing the area, closing it off with special techniques. In the majority of small mold remediations, you’re able to stay in your home while the process takes place.
  • Eliminate – The cleaning company wears protective gear and combats the mold using the correct procedures for that type of mold.
  • Repair – The point in the process where any repairs that need to be made are carried out – for example replacement of drywall after a section damaged by mold is taken out.
  • Filter – The company bring in HEPA-certified air filtration machines to remove remaining mold spores from the air of your home.

Mold remediation is a complete process that takes into account the way mold thrives, spreads, and reproduces. When the professionals leave, you can be reassured they’ve done a thorough job. With that in mind, it’s impossible to guarantee a mold-free home for life – after all, it’s a natural part of our ecosystem – but there are steps to take after mold removal for peace of mind.


Obviously you don’t want the mold coming back, not after you’ve paid experts to remove it! However, as mold is a natural part of life, it’s a case of finding a natural balance – where mold doesn’t harm your home, or your loved ones.

Here are 5 steps to control mold in your home:

  • Make timely repairs – whether it’s a burst pipe, faulty guttering, a leak in the roof, or a hole in the wall – it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible, as you don’t want to encourage a new mold colony to flourish.
  • Control the humidity – Depending on the climate where you live, the way your house was built, and other factors, it can be quite humid in your home – and mold loves humidity. While it’s often possible to keep windows open a crack to reduce humidity, investing in one or two dehumidifiers can make a huge difference to the humidity in the air.
  • Invest in a good quality HEPA vacuum cleaner – a vacuum cleaner with a decent filter can suck up stray mold spores, as they can lie dormant for years in dust5.
  • Don’t reach for the antibacterial spray – it sounds counterintuitive, but bacteria is a completely different type of organism to mold, and actually waging a war on bacteria can remove a natural check on the growth of mold!
  • Spray Homebiotic once a week – Homebiotic is a fantastic natural way to keep mold in check. You’ve heard of your microbiome – the friendly bacteria in your gut? Well, your home has a microbiome too! So Homebiotic adds friendly bacteria that keeps you safe from mold – it’s simple, safe, and smart!

Start protecting your home today, and get 5% off your next order!

Start protecting your home today, and get 5% off your next order!



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